The details of service Apartments, and whether to choose it or not

The concept of service Apartments is not new, and there are a number of people, who use it. Serviced apartments are similar to normal apartments, with some dissimilarities. Service apartments also have some similarities with hotels, and thus, it can be considered to be a blend of the two.

There is hardly any people, who hadn’t stayed in any kind of hotel or lodging. In case of a hotel, you get a single room with certain services, which are provided by the hotel. You cannot get extra facilities, which are not provided by the hotel. In case of an apartment, you get a certain number of rooms, which can include a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and other rooms, depending upon your requirements. In case of a service apartment, you have to pay a certain amount of rent, and you’ll get a complete apartment but for a temporary period.

Organizing and payment in case of service apartments

Unlike hotels, you can get a number of rooms in service apartments, which means you can organize it in your own way. Thus, if you are going to a different city, and want to stay there for long periods of time, you should always go for a service apartment, as you can get all kind of services from the apartment, and at the end of the tenure, you have to pay a certain amount of money to the owner of the service apartment. In case of a service apartment, you can occupy a complete apartment, which means you will get maximum privacy.

Problem with service apartments

Service apartment is always great for a long temporary visit to a certain place. For example, if you are going to the office trip for two or three nights, service apartment is not great for you. In such cases, the amount of rent, which you will have to pay at the end of your tenure will be more, if it is compared to roam tariff in case of a hotel for the same amount of time. But it is seen that, staying in a service apartment for a month or more, require less rent, compared to spending equal amount of time in a hotel.

Better privacy and less charges

In case of a hotel, even if you ask the hotel authorities not to disturb you, they will clean your room from time to time, which can be a breach of privacy in many cases. But in case of a service apartment, you room will only be cleaned once you ask for it. You can even take the responsibility of keeping your room clean, such that nobody else intervenes in your privacy. Thus, there are a number of advantages of service apartments, and if you are going to a place for a long time, service apartments is the best option, which can save your money, and give you a respectable amount of privacy.